Ghibli is
the underwear for your horse!

Ghibli Horse Underwear is the innovative stable blanket that provides a comfortable rest to your horse..

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Why have we created Ghibli Horse Underwear?

We are “horse people”, some for passion, some for work, and we like to take good care of our beloved companions every day in the stable.

Ghibli is the answer to a need for practicality and efficiency right inside the stable. In fact, during the winter season, horses have often to wear two or three heavy blankets, so that their hair does not grow longer or regrow after clipping. Both encumbrance and weight are substantial.

Therefore, we have decided to offer our horses a much more comfortable winter time, unburdening their covers and making them more efficient, thanks to the creation and production of Ghibli Horse Underwear.

Comfortable underwear for your horse!

Use Ghibli Horse Underwear under a light mid-season cover or underneath a winter rug.

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A fabric that makes the difference

For Ghibli Horse Underwear we have chosen an elastic technical fabric that guarantees exceptional thermal insulation, excellent breathability and sweat transfer.

Its brushed fabric side is soft on the hair, preventing stripping.
It is a warp-knitted fabric, thus strongly resistant: considering the great stresses caused by a horse, we’ve chosen resistance as the first characteristic of Ghibli Horse Underwear.
Another key feature is its refractoriness to shavings and straw.

Discover the advantages of Ghibli Horse Underwear: the undergarment for your horse


Maintains body


Like a gentle caress on your horse hair


Allows the skin
to breath


Thanks to its innovative
girth strap


Adapting to the body, minimizing stress


It weighs about 600 g / 1.3 lb. Just like a feather!


Machine-washable, it dries in no time


Space-saving, very easy to carry around

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Like a second skin

The manufacturing has been designed so that Ghibli Horse Underwear functions like an undergarment for people: it is warm, light, fitting and comfortable.

Besides, the production is managed by skilled craftsmen and is entirely Italian!

Open model

The traditional belts have been replaced by a double high-strength velcro. It is thus steadier on the body of the horse.

Closed model

Closed Ghibli is worn from the head, is more practical and allows the total fit of the front side.
We have entrusted the manufacturing of Ghibli Horse Underwear to a partner of excellence, to ensure the highest quality to the product.

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